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You might not want them anymore
but we can guarantee someone else does...

Most of you have, no doubt, lived in the Tri-State area long enough not to let these sunny fall days fool you.
You know what's coming. Rain. Then some more rain. Then some cold rain.

But we doubt anyone is more familiar with winter in this area than those who live on its streets.

Well, that rain is coming and we're a little short on boots and outdoor shoes.
We've had a great summer for donations of summer footwear,
but it's looking a little desperate for warm, dry winter footwear.

The homeless shoe program is something we started a few years back
where we take in your unwanted shoes and boots, re-condition and distribute
them to several area charities and organizations that help the homeless. These include:

You can drop off shoes and boots at our place at 412 West Broad Street, Falls Church, Virginia


412 West Broad Street
Falls Church, VA 22046
Phone: 703-534-3233
Fax: 703-534-0335

Email: bedos@cox.net

Tuesday-Friday: 10AM - 7PM
Saturday: 7AM - 1PM
Closed Sundays and Mondays

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