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Glossary of Terms

Burnishing: Producing a bright glossy finish on leather by means of friction or preheated machinery.

Cuban Heel: A medium heel with a curved back and straight breast.

Custom Shoe: Shoe specially made to an individualís specific measurments.

Eyelet: Metal rings placed in fore part of shoe to facilitate lacing, prevent stretching or tearing of the quarters.

Filler: Fills cavity from shank to the toe with non conductive cork other material.

Findings: Small acceories other than leather used in the repair of shoes.

Foxing: Ornamental piece of leather stiched into or on top of the quarters.

Heel Pad: Leather, felt, imitation leather, or other materials used in covering nails or other metalic fasteners in the heel part of the innersole.

Heel Plate: Durable rubber plates attached to surface of the heel to increase the life of the heel.

Last: Form over which shoes are shaped.

Piping: A narrow strip of leather or cloth folded and inserted at the edge of a seam.

Protective sole: Thin rubber laminated to the sole to extend the life and resist water.

Saddles: Ornamental pieces of leather stiched over the tops of the quarters.

Sole Tips: Shaped piece of leather which replaces worn toe area.

Toe Plate: Hard rubber pieces added to the sole at the toe to add life to tthe tips.

Tounge Pad: Felt pad attached to inside of tongue for comfort and frequently for taking up slack caused by narrow instep.

Uppers: Several parts of the top of shoe as follows: quarters, vamp, toe cap, tongue and saddle.

V-Plate: Cast iron plates inserted into heel to prevent wear and " click " while walking.

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