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Shoe and leather care

Steps to Better Shoe Care

Start a Home Care program of cleaning, conditioning, polishing and weatherproofing.

Use cedar shoe trees to keep shoes looking their best. Cedar's unique wicking action absorbs moisture, acid and salt, thereby reducing cracking and deterioration of leather.

In a pinch? Cornstarch will help remove foot odor. Or for a less messy application use an anti-odor insole, shoe deodorant powder, or aerosol available at BEDO's and other shoe repair shops.

Extend the life of your shoes with protective soles. These are very thin rubber soles applied over the sole of the shoe to make it longer wearing.

Practice preventive maintenance. Repair your shoes before every-day wear turns into damage.

Remove salt stains immediately with easy-to-use salt stain remover available at BEDO's.

Buy new shoes in the evening. Feet increase in size by 5-8% by the end of the day.

Have BEDO's stretch footwear that is too tight.

Bunion? Hammer toe? Corn? BEDO's can adapt your shoes to fit your feet.

Prevent knee, hip, and back problems by keeping shoe heels balanced. See a shoe repair professional such as BEDO's who can offer orthopedic appliances.

Buy quality shoes. In an average day, a man takes about 8,000 steps. If he 170 pounds, the daily force that accumulates on his feet is 1,000 TONS. Spend a few extra dollars for shoes that will give you the support you need.

Leather Care

Caring for smooth leather is a four-step process. First, clean the shoes with a leather cleaner to remove the surface dirt. Next, condition the leather. Conditioners soften and lubricate the leather.

Next, it is time for the polish. A paste polish provides a high-gloss, long-lasting shine, but takes some time to apply. Liquid polish is quick and easy to apply, but must be applied more frequently. Cream polishes provide a happy medium.

After the shoes are shined, weatherproof them. If you live or work in a messy environment, the protection of a weatherproofer is a must. Ask BEDO's to recommend the product best suited to your needs.

Suede and Nubuck

The key to keeping these materials in top shape is preventive maintenance. Before you wear the shoes, protect them with a water and stain repellant designed specifically for suede and nubuck. As soon as the water isn't beading up on the shoes, spray them again.

Use a plastic or rubber-tipped brush regularly to restore the nap and remove surface dirt before it sets in. Be gentle brushing nubuck.It is softer than suede and easily damaged. With oiled nubuck, use a nubuck conditioner regularly to replace the oils that wear takes out.

If you get a stain, remove it immediately with a solvent-based cleaner made specifically for suede or nubuck. Oil absorbing blocks are available for this purpose.

Exotic Leathers

Use mild cleaner and conditioner for exotic leathers such as reptile or snakeskin. Using products for smooth leather may leave a residue that will build up around the base of the scales and cause them to crack or fall off.

Athletic Shoes

If you have shoes with fabric or suede on the uppers, follow the steps outlined for suede care. Leather uppers can be cleaned with sneaker shampoos that remove stains and dirt. If the shoes become scuffed, whitening products restore the original color. Shoe repair professionals can also use a white spray dye for a like-new finish.

The big problem is controlling odor. These shoes are constructed with materials that make ideal places for bacteria to live and grow. Use a deodorizing product that absorbs odor causing bacteria and counteracts it.

Finally, you can keep athletic shoes looking and feeling new with replacement parts. New laces do wonders for the appearance and new insoles are often better than the originals.

Help us to help the homeless and poor by donating your old shoes !!!


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